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Born and raised in the Edmonton area in Alberta, Pamela Ehrler dedicated half her work life to a “regular” job in her chosen field of civil engineering technology. She began to question what she wanted for her future. Constant work for little gain; is that really all there is to life? She knew instinctively that there had to be a better way.

And, there is.

This astute business woman not only owns her own real estate investment company, PEcorp Investments Ltd., she has also become an expert on passive income generation through her role as an Essential Services Concierge, your “VIP one-stop shop” for a range of key home and business essential services.

Passionate about raising the general level of moneymaking awareness and, ultimately, breaking the cycle of poverty, Pamela’s latest venture involves group instruction in Wealthmaking Mentorship, not to mention the fact that she’s currently in the planning stages of building her first very own multi-family building!

Truly a dynamic force in the community, using her assets, expertise and experience to make a positive difference, Pamela was a volunteer board member of the iKare4Kids non-profit organization, and she continues to volunteer her time with many other non-profit organizations such as the Canadian Food Bank and Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta Charities, among others.

Pamela’s Services



ENERGY SERVICES: If you live in a market with energy choice options, you have the freedom to choose an energy supplier for your home or business. When you choose us as your energy supplier, there are no enrollment fees, no interruptions in your service and your choice of pricing and plans.
Becoming an energy customer is simple and seamless and takes less than 5 minutes.



TELECOM SERVICES: Flash Services provides residential High-Speed Internet and Home Phone Service across Canada. No upfront fees, flexible equipment options and Internet speeds to meet the needs of most users, Flash Services provides value and convenience, all with one provider!



DIGITAL PRIVACY AND PROTECTION SERVICES: List of features: Anitvirus, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Cloud Backup, Dark Web Scanner, Login Encryption and Password Vault, Tracking Blocker, Digital Fingerprint Scrambler, Browsing Tracks Scanner and Cleaner, Sensitive Document Detection, Encrypted Document Vault, Personal Profile Protection, Ad Blocker, Safe Browsing/Real-time Protection, Webcam and Microphone Blocker, and Privacy Advisor.



RESIDUALS: Residual income is often referred to as passive income.

These two terms are often used interchangeably however, they are fundamentally different. While residual income may be passive, passive income isn’t always residual. Residual income is a form of passive income because entities may earn it without any effort.

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